Day 01 Goal

Defining a problem &
understanding its context

The goal on our first day is to have each team agree on a project objective, and conducting research to see what we can build, fix, or improve upon that will lead to this objective being met. At this stage the most important consideration is to find a clear focus even though the issue themes are large in scope.

In the morning, you’ll start at the end and agree to a project  goal. Next, you’ll make a map of the challenge. In the afternoon, you’ll ask the people around you about how to the challenge affects their lives. Finally, you’ll pick a target: an ambitious but manageable piece of the problem that you can solve in one week.

Activity Checklist:
Building your team (1 pom)
Decide on scope (1 pom)
Declaring assumptions (1 pom)
User interviews (2 pom)
Create an empathy map (1 pom)
Define Problem Space (1 pom)
Value Proposition Canvas (2 pom)

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