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Interaction Design Books

About Face 3 The Essentials of Interaction Design
Alan Cooper, Robert Reimann and David Cronin ISBN: 978-0470084113

Don’t Make Me Think. A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability
Steve Krug ISBN: 978-0321344755

Designing Interactions
Bill Moggridge ISBN: 978-0262134743

Designing with Web Standards (3rd Edition) [Paperback]
Jeffrey Zeldman (Author), Ethan Marcotte (Author) ISBN: 978-0321616951

Sketching User Experience
Bill Buxton

Designing for the Digital Age: How to Create Human-Centred Products and Services
Kim Goodwin

The Elements of User Experience: User–Centred Design for the Web
Jesse James Garrett

Thoughts on Interaction Design, 2nd Edition
Jon Kolko

Designing for Interaction
Dan Saffer

Exposing the Magic of Design: A Practitioner’s Guide to the Methods and Theory of Synthesis
Jon Kolko

Meta Products: Meaningful design for our connected world
Sara Cordoba Rubino, Wimer Hazenberg and Menno Huisman

2D & 3D Elements & Principles

  • Bowers, John. Introduction to Two-Dimensional Design: Understanding Form and Function
  • Elam, Kimberly. Geometry of Design 
  • Evans, Poppy, and Thomas, Mark. Exploring the Elements of Design
  • Hannah, Gail Greet. Elements of Design: Rowena Reed Kostellow & The Structure of
  • Visual Relationships
  • Thorpe, Ann. The Designer’s Atlas of Sustainability
  • White, Alex W. The Elements of Graphic Design

2D Design

  • Drate, Spencer. Foundation: Transforming found objects into digital assemblage
  • Tufte, Edward. The Visual Display of Quantitative Information
  • Tufte, Edward. Envisioning Information
  • Tufte, Edward. Visual Explanations
  • Tufte, Edward. Beautiful Evidence
  • Hiebert, Kenneth. Graphic Design Sources
  • Hochuli, Jost. Designing Books
  • Hulburt, Allen. The Grid: A modular system for the design + production of newspapers,
  • Johnson, Michael. Problem Solved: a primer in design and communication
  • Koren, Leonard and R. Wippo Meckler. Graphic Design Cookbook
  • Kunz, Willi. Macro + Microaesthetics
  • Kunz, Willi. Formation + Transformation
  • Krause, Jim. Creative Sparks
  • Jedlicka, Wendy. Sustainable Graphic Design: tools, systems, and strategies for innovative print design
  • Lupton, Ellen. DesignWritingResearch
  • Müller-Brockmann, Joseph. Grid Systems
  • Munari, Bruno, Bright Minds, Beautiful Ideas
  • Newmark, Quentin. What is Graphic Design?
  • Odling-Smee, Anne. The new handmade graphics: beyond digital design
  • Peterson, Bryan L. Design Basics for Creative Results
  • Polano, Sergio and Pierpaolo. ABC of 20th Graphics
  • Samara, Timothy. Making and Breaking the Grid: a Graphic Design Workshop
  • Woodham, Jonathan. Twentieth Century Design



  • Baines, Phil and Andrew Haslam. Type and Typography
  • Bosshard, Hans Rudolf. The Typographic Grid
  • Bringhurst, Robert. Elements of Typographic Style, 3rd Edition
  • Cheng, Karen. Designing Type
  • Craig, James. Designing with Type 5th Ed.
  • Earls, David. Designing Typefaces
  • Elam, Kimberly. Grid Systems: Principles of Organizing Type
  • Lupton, Ellen. Thinking with Type: a critical guide
  • Riggs, Tamye and James Grieshaber. Typeface: Classic Typography for Contemporary Design
  • Rogener, Stefan, Albert-Jan Pool, and Ursula Packhauser. Branding With Type
  • Samara, Timothy. Typography Workbook
  • Spiekermann, Erik. Stop Stealing Sheep

3D Design

  • Beukers, Adriaan, and Van Hinte, Ed. Lightness
  • Burdek, Bernard. Design: The History, Theory, and Practice of Product Design
  • Papanek, Victor. Design for the Real World
  • Potter, Norman. The Design of Everyday Objects
  • Potter, Norman. What is a Designer, Education and Practice
  • Ashby, Michael, and Johnson. Materials and Design: The Art and Science of Material Selection in Product Design
  • Lawson, Bryan. How Designers Think
  • Goel, Vinod. Sketches of Thought
  • Laurel, Brenda, Design Research: Methods and Perspectives
  • Norman, Donald. Why we Love (or Hate) Everyday Things