Day 1 – Discovery

Today’s goal:
Warmup: What’s your Gesture? (1pom)

AM: Introduction Talk – UX, methodology and mindset (1 pom)
AM: Methods: User Research – Declaring AssumptionsEmpathy Map, User Interviews (1pom)
Activity: Building your Team (1 pom)
Activity: Decide on scope for your theme

LUNCH: have a bite with your team

PM: Field observation – Ethnographic Field Study or just plain Talk to People
PM: Activity: Empathy Map and VPD (Value Proposition Canvas)

Day 2 – Ideation

AM: Talk: UX-Sketching Brainstorming techniques
(Bodystorming, sketching, card sorting, bulls eye)

AM: Activity: Bodystorming and Ideation

PM: Activity: Creating IA – Card sort, flows and wireframes
Day 3 – Prototype

Warmup: Squiggle birds
AM: Talk: Prototyping & Testing
Skeuomorphism & affordances
AM: Activity: Wireframes, User flows, UI
PM: Activity: Rapid prototyping I – Paper

Day 4 – Validation

Warmup: yes and…
AM: Talk on Dark-patterns
AM: Activity: Rapid prototyping II – Digital
PM: Activity: Guerrilla Testing

PM: Optional Activity: Design Iteration

Day 5 – Presentation

Warmup: ZombieCats
AM: Lecture on UX Futures
AM: Finalize Prototype & Presentations
PM: Final Presentations
PM: Final Wrap-up