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Classes & Instances of Dogs

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To illustrate the difference between a class and an instance let’s take a look at applying the concept to dogs.

A class is a definition for a collection of objects. For example, if we define a class for Dogs it would include all the characteristics common to all dogs.
The class is a template: it defines only the parameters these objects share, functions they can perform, and logic for how an object can be constructed. A class becomes an object only when you make an instance of it.

Let’s try to make a Dog Class

All Dogs have:

  • name
  • breed
  • hair
  • legs (usually 4)
  • head
  • tail (most of them)

All Dogs can:

  • bark
  • run
  • eat

Now let’s make a few instances of dogs
Instance 1: Pluto

  • name = Pluto
  • breed = Bloodhound
  • hair = short and light brown
  • legs = 4
  • head = large
  • tail = yes
  • bark = a lot
  • run = fast
  • eat = cheeseburgers

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