Class 1:
Introduction to Processing
Orientation of software
Your first sketch – Points & Lines
Processing Reference
More with Lines – Exercises 1-10
Your own line art piece
Bonus Challenge 1

Class 2:
Rectangles, circles
More randomness
Mouse Movement
Our own functions
Exporting from Processing: JPG, PDF, video

Class 3:
While Loops
Rotation of objects
Translate function
Nested While loops
For Loops
Pattern Creation
Look at 365Processing

Class 4:
Object-Oriented Programming (examples 31-33)
Noise vs Random
line (examples 34-35)
circle (examples 36-37)
Circular Wave (example 39)
Output video (rotation examples 40-44)
Final project work time
Bonus: Image and glitch

Class 5:
Finalizing your final project
Preparing for exhibition

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