Challenge III
Entering a Network As the world quickly becomes covered with wireless networks we are beginning to see a proliferation of ways to enter into these invisible intangible environments. We enter these worlds from a variety of devices and places yet many times our experiences are frustrating and tedious, confusing and often disappointing. How might we […] Read more – ‘Challenge III’.
Challenge 1: Interactive Poster
This project is a vehicle for you to explore poster design from a number of perspectives – kinetic, visual, spatial, hierarchical, material, lmic and sequential. You will research and develop a visual language appropriate for the promotion of a new film about Interaction Design by Gary Hustwit – maker of Objectifed, Helvetica and Urbanized. Although […] Read more – ‘Challenge 1: Interactive Poster’.
Challenge 2: Interactive Sculpture
Mash it up Over the past decade the concept of jamming two or more diametrically opposed raw materials together in the act of creation has evolved into what has been coined the MashUp. We are challenged by the ubiquity of technology in our everyday lives, constantly attempting to find the right balance between our physical […] Read more – ‘Challenge 2: Interactive Sculpture’.