Challenge 1: Interactive Poster

by Haig. Average Reading Time: about 3 minutes.

This project is a vehicle for you to explore poster design from a number of perspectives – kinetic, visual, spatial, hierarchical, material, lmic and sequential. You will research and develop a visual language appropriate for the promotion of a new film about Interaction Design by Gary Hustwit – maker of Objectifed, Helvetica and Urbanized.

Although this film does not actually exist students are encouraged to research the topic and communicates the essence of the anticipated lm’s content and its art directorial treatment. You will need to consider: the architectonic dimensionality of the spaces and voices. Further, your interaction design concept must promote the lm as well as engage the bus shelter viewer in an interactive way.

Project Brief

As with your final project in the fall semester, you will also need to display your visual audit capacities, diversity in example sourcing, and analysis of references. Only this time you will organize your design process book so that the left hand side features your references and the right side features your visualizations. We expect to see an abundance of process that demonstrates your passion, motivation and commitment to exploration.

Your research should include looking at film posters in their environmental context (eg. outside theatres) and interactive pieces in museums & public spaces; in places where they are sold; online stores and forums; design and film history books, and magazine reprints.

As you move through your iterative design cycles you will keep refining your three visual directions until one emerges as the most appropriate solution. This means that you will have to develop an audience profile and test/verify your solutions with focus groups from that audience. This data will be part of your process.

As the scale moves to final size you will need to take it on location eg. the front of a theatre or transit shelter and photograph it on site from different viewpoints to test the hierarchy, visual impact and message reception. We expect that you will have great experiences on location. This research needs to be incorporated into your process book.

Final refinements to one of your tested solutions should follow from this cycle of development. This final solution should be full size for the critique.


(tentative, will change)

Week 1
 Friday Jan 11: Introduction of Project

Week 2
Tuesday Jan 15: bring: full scale sketch on brown paper, driven by persona, scenario, and visual design brief. in class: crit , if needed vdb presentation. emerging tech pres.

Friday Jan 18: homework: Upload a single pdf to googledrive including: 1. design target/persona, 2. rough scenario draft, 3. design criteria panel (see google drive for format). These pages should be stand alone and communicate without you needing to talk to them. They should clearly connect to the client (Gary Hustwit) and his film.  Also, bring two more concepts for your interactive poster. They can be either two more full scale concepts on brown paper, or be digital sketches (very rough) in pdf, or other format. Think quick iteration, collage, rough sketchy prototype, don’t worry about polish for the concepts. Be prepared to act out the interaction with a classmate, rather than talk through it. We will use your design criteria panel to evaluate your concepts, so make sure they relate.

in class: collaborative exercises leading to video prototyping next week. Emerging technology presentation and consumer segmentation presentation if needed. Alan Kay film.

Week 3
Tuesday Jan 22: bring: pfd digital presentation showing process, prototype testing, prep for role playing exercise. in class: role playing in teams
Friday Jan 25: Refined Conceptualization, Production, Refinements. In class work, full scale on delivering prototype experience for final crit. Computer demos as needed.

Week 4
TBD Tuesday, Jan 29: Final Critique. intro to Assignment Two.

- digital Process Book
- Refined Conceptual
 sketches of three directions
- Final Poster (full size grayscale)
- 11″ x 17″ colour print
- digital Mock-ups for Daylight and Evening Settings
- Storyboard or video of interactions


– (digital) Process Book
– Refined Concept
– sketches of three directions
– Final Poster (full size grayscale)
– 11″ x 17″ colour print
– Mock-ups for Daylight and Evening Settings
– Storyboard or video of interactions


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