Challenge 2: Interactive Sculpture

by Haig. Average Reading Time: about a minute.

Mash it up
Over the past decade the concept of jamming two or more diametrically opposed raw materials together in the act of creation has evolved into what has been coined the MashUp. We are challenged by the ubiquity of
technology in our everyday lives, constantly attempting to find the right balance between our physical lives and our digital activities.

This project will explore the idea of the MashUp, how it has come out of a movement to understand and explore how digital media fundamentally changes how we create and challenges established notions about ownership, intellectual property, copyright and reuse.

You will be encouraged to create interesting interactions using both analogue and digital media, electronics and Arduino type prototyping. You are expected to produce a series of prototypes that illustrate the possible interactions of your final outcome and are also expected to conduct a user tests of the final prototype to determine the product’s effectiveness.

Project Brief
This project challenges you to research and meditate on the idea of the MashUp and express your thoughts in an interactive sculpture. Meditate on a variety of ways in-which your final sculpture will engage and encourage interaction with your intended audience.

In moving from
your concept to final prototype please keep in mind the following criteria:

1. Take note of the context for your piece – location, interior or exterior
2. Consider your central message and how it might affect the participants
3. Think about function informing the form and form suggesting interaction
4. Contemplate the duration of involvement and level of engagement (are the interactions passive or direct?)
5. Does your sculpture requires any ergonomic considerations?

There have been two important movies that look at the Mashup and Digital
Culture that I would recommend you watch.

RIP: The Remix Manifesto

PressPausePlay (free download)

February 3
February 7
Conceptual Development
February 10
Conceptual Development
February 14
February 17
Refinement Production
Introduce Project 3
February 28
Final Prototypes Due
Critique: February 28

– Process Book
– Three Mock-ups
(Storyboards describing
– PhotoDocumentation of Final
prototype in action
– Prototype model

Examples of Interactive Sculpture

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