Challenge III

by Haig. Average Reading Time: about a minute.


Entering a Network

As the world quickly becomes covered with wireless networks we are beginning to see a proliferation of ways to enter into these invisible intangible environments. We enter these worlds from a variety of devices and places yet many times our experiences are frustrating and tedious, confusing and often disappointing. How might we imagine an ideal seamless network experience? There are many considerations to take into account when designing what seems to be a simple log-in screen. How many times a day might one need to log in? What acts as barriers to entry? How might we make the experience expected yet delightful and surprising?

With a design partner you will design a new way of entering into the Emily Carr University Wireless network. You will be expected to follow this process:

• Document and analysis the entire process of entering into our existing network from multiple devices and contexts
• Create a journey map of the process
• Identify the opportunities and possible improvements
• Gather the technical and user requirements
• Plan a participatory game/activity and invite students (outside of our course) to help brainstorm approached to entering networks
• Design a new way to enter into our wireless network
• Present your design solution to the class and a number of guests

Project Schedule:

Tuesday, March 19
set up groups, explanation of Journey Maps

Friday March 22:
research and exploration, document journey maps of four journey experiences for existing log-in situations. Bring start on ideas for your solution.

Tuesday March 26:
bring minimum 3 concepts, quantity and craziness over quality. in class, more practical versions.

Holiday Friday March 30

Monday April 2:
3 refined concepts showing user flow for each concept. in class pick one

Friday April 5:
wireframes for chosen direction, build prototypes

Monday April 8:
interfaces and presentation prep

Deadline: April 12th
Final deliverables: process pdf, demo (either pdf or better.)

Download challenge-III PDF

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