Introducing jQuery Mobile
In this course we’ll be using jQuery Mobile extensively as it is a widely used open source resource for creating mobile interfaces and builds on our existing knowledge of standard web technology (HTML, CSS and Javascript). What is it? jQuery Mobile is a touch-optimized web framework for smartphones & tablets. A unified, HTML5-based user interface […] Read more – ‘Introducing jQuery Mobile’.
Android Design Principles
This is an excerpt from Android’s Design Principles. These design principles were developed by and for the Android User Experience Team to keep users’ best interests in mind. Consider them as you apply your own creativity and design thinking. Deviate with purpose. Enchant Me Delight me in surprising ways A beautiful surface, a carefully-placed animation, […] Read more – ‘Android Design Principles’.
Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines
A great user interface follows human interface design principles that are based on the way people—users—think and work, not on the capabilities of the device. A UI that is unattractive, convoluted, or illogical can make even a great app seem like a chore to use. But a beautiful, intuitive, compelling UI enhances an app’s functionality […] Read more – ‘Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines’.