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(week 1)

    • Design Process
    • Mobile Design Patterns

Design Principles – Apple & Android

Assignment: Reading HIG: App Design Strategies

Android’s Design Principles

User Flow for Coffee Transaction experience

  • What are mobile devices and apps?
  • How did we get here? Evolution of Mobile Design
  • Mobile platforms: Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, iPad
  • Why would you create mobile experiences?
  • What kind of skills are needed for mobile design?
  • Mobile Web vs. Mobile apps

Mobile UX Principles

(weeks 3-4)

  • Human Interface Guidelines – Apple & Android
  • Designing mobile interfaces
  • Responsive Design
  • Designing for Gestures
  • Keyboards and touch input
  • Navigation, Menus
  • Best practises in Mobile Web design

Mobile Design Elements

(weeks 5-6)

  • Information Design, Structures
  • Responsive Mobile design
  • Design for Platforms: iPhone, iPad, Android & Windows
  • Search on Mobile devices
  • Browsing and Navigation
  • Designing for Tablets

Mobile Prototyping and Testing

  • Mobile Design and software design processes
  • Concept Designs and Prototyping
  • Mockups to PhoneGap
  • Mobile Usability Testing

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