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Next Future Terrifying Technology Will Blow Your Mind
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Design Resources:

iOS Design Resources

Learning Technologies:

P5 = processing, Py = Python, Ar = Arduino, JS = JavaScript, C++ = C++
♥ = HOT!

Processing an open source programming language and environment for people who want to create images, animations, and interactions P5
Cinder C++
openFrameworks C++
Python Py
PyProcessing Python package that creates an environment for graphics applications that closely resembles that of the Processing system P5 Py
NLTK Natural Language Toolkit Py
Regular Expression Generator P5 Py JS C++
MongoDB Scalable, high-performance, open source, document-oriented database JS
Structure Synth a cross-platform application for generating 3D structures by specifying a design grammar
Field an environment for writing code to rapidly and experimentally assemble and explore algorithmic systems
Polycode a free, open-source, cross-platform framework for creative code C++
HYPE framework a collaborative visual framework developed in FDT and AS3
pixeltoaster a library for C++ programmers who want to write their own software rendering routines, reading and writing to an array of pixels C++
NodeBox a Mac OS X application that lets you create 2D visuals (static, animated or interactive) using Python programming code and export them as a PDF or a QuickTime movie Py
vvvv a graphical programming environment for easy prototyping and development

Processing Tutorials A collection of step-by-step lessons covering beginner, intermediate, and advanced topics. P5
Fun Programming P5
Learning Processing A Beginner’s guide to programming images, animation, and interation. By Daniel Schiffmann P5
Processing Demos by Prof. Jarek Rossignac for his 3D Graphics, Modeling, Animation and Compression Classes P5
Processing Video Tutorials P5
Hello, Cinder C++

SuperCollider A real time audio synthesis programming language
SuperCollider Reference Manual
ChucK Strongly-timed, Concurrent, and On-the-fly Audio Programming Language
Pure Data a real-time graphical programming environment for audio, video, and graphical processing
maximilian Audio synthesis library C++
Understanding FFT

Processing.js You write code using the Processing language, include it in your web page, and Processing.js does the rest. P5 JS
Twitter & Processing Accessing the Twitter API with the twitter4j libraryP5
toxiclibs.js Open-source computational design library ported to javascript JS
Multi-threading in JavaScript How to run intense javascript JS
Creepy Application that allows you to gather geolocation related information about users from social networking platforms and image hosting services

Arduino Ar
arduino/of/code/class Ar C++
ladyada Ar
Drawing Robot Ar
Attaching a Motorola C168i to an Arduino Ar
Arduino in XCode Ar
TV Out A composite video output library for AVR/Arduino Ar
Arduino Tutorials Ar
Arduino Tutorials Ar
How to Hack Toy EEGs Brain Wave Readers Ar
Microprinter Hacking Receipt Printers Ar
Hacking Nintendo Games Cory Arcangel
MAX232 Serial Level Converter Ar

OpenGL Tutorials
OpenGl The red book
OpenGl on iPhone C++
THREEJS WebGL Graphics Library JS
Meshes in Cinder C++

OSCemote Send Open Sound Control messages to other programs using an iPhone or iPod touch
SMS to Email Using text messages with computers Py
VoiceXML 2.0 Helping developers to build the highest quality voice-enabled applications
iPhone Serial Communication C++
iProcessing Open programming framework to help people develop native iPhone applications using the Processing language. P5
Node.js access serial ports through javascript JS

The Nature of Code Programming strategies and techniques behind computer simulations of natural systems. By Daniel Shiffman P5
Particles, vector fields, box2d C++
fractals, computer graphics, mathematics, demoscene and more C++
Clever Algorithms Nature-Inspired Programming Recipes C++
outstanding geometry, graphics programming C++
Boids basic flocking model
Easy Ray Tracing P5Sunflow is an easy way to make your Processing sketches look sexy as hell. Well, only three-dimensional ones… P5
Projecting on Quads P5
Python for Math Teachers Py

Getting Started with Processing and Data Visualization P5
JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit JS
dygraphs JavaScript Visualization Library JS
Travel Time Tube Map P5
Map Projections Java applet + code of different map projections P5
geo-location-javascript javascript geo location framework for the mobile web JS
googlemaps python googlemaps module Py
GeoNames Geographical database covers all countries and contains over eight million placenames that are available for download free of charge.
OpenStreetMap Free editable map of the whole world.
Creating Contour Maps P5

Frame Differencing P5
Kinect and Processing P5
Hand Tracking w/Kinect C++
Computer Vision Algorithms and Applications by Richard Szeliski

Generating pseudo random text with Markov chains using Python Py

Pygame Set of Python modules designed for writing games Py
Flixel an open source game-making library

Processing Forum P5
Stack Overflow P5 Py JS C++
OpenFrameworks Forum C++

Processing: A Programming Handbook for Visual Designers and Artists by Casey Reas and Ben Fry
Getting Started with Processing by Casey Reas and Ben Fry
Programming Interactivity: A Designer’s Guide to Processing, Arduino, and openFrameworks by Joshua Noble
Visualizing Data by Ben Fry
Getting Started with Arduino by Massimo Banzi
Programming Collective Intelligence: Building Smart Web 2.0 Applications by Toby Segaran
Handmade Electronic Music: The Art of Hardware Hacking by Nicolas Collins
Mining the Social Web by Matthew A. Russell
Generative Art by Matt Pearson

Hack a Day
Creative Applications Apps That Inspire…
OpenProcessing Share Your Sketches!
Generator.x Software and generative strategies in art and design
neural new media art, electronic music, hacktivism
information aesthetics Information Visualization & Visual Communications say it with software art!
The Teeming Void generative art and design, data aesthetics, digital materiality; theory, criticism and practice an international peer-reviewed journal of theory, technology, and culture
Grand Text Auto a group blog about computer narrative, games, poetry, and art
How To Become a Hacker
43 Dodgy Statements on Computer Art
Geoff Cox on Software and Art

Cory Arcangel
Blast Theory
Mary Flanagan
Ben Fry
Robert Hodgin (Flight 404)
Natalie Jeremijenko
Aaron Koblin
David Kraftsow
Steve Lambert
Caleb Larsen
Rober Lazzarini
Golan Levin
Eva and Franco Mattes
Greg Niemeyer
Josh Nimoy
Marisa Olson
Jon Rafman
Casey Reas
Rafael Rozendaal
Jason Salavon
Daniel Shiffman
Jennifer Steinkamp
Penelope Umbrico
Camille Utterback

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