The Web Stack

Understanding that software is commonly layered together to create a computing experience is important. Although there are many combinations and approaches the most popular ‘stack’ or group of open source technologies used to bring almost all websites to the world is the LAMP website.

LAMP is an acronym for the 4 software layers that create the web stack.

These are the components of LAMP:


L – Linux – an open source operating system
A – Apache – an open source web server
M – MySQL – an open source database server
P – PHP – a programming language

An easy way to have this same functionality on a Mac is by installing MAMP or following the instructions to enable AMP on OSX.

If you’d like to install Apache, MySQL and PHP with command line, then this is the tutorial for you: How To Set Up Apache MySQL and PHP with Homebrew

Reference: Shedding Light on the LAMP Stack

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