Image Rollovers with Javascript
In this exercise we will be creating a basic image gallery function with rollover thumbnails that load a larger image into a larger viewing area. We’ve seen this typical design pattern most in the context of portfolio sites and it will possible help with your 2nd assignment. First I’ll outline the 3 main stages of […] Read more – ‘Image Rollovers with Javascript’.
Image Rollovers with CSS
A easy way to create interactive features on a website is the simple rollover. A common device for revealing information or making links or a call-to-action more enticing and clickable, the rollover is used in a variety of ways. First we’ll be looking at how to create a simple text rollover using CSS. 1. The […] Read more – ‘Image Rollovers with CSS’.
Video Intros 1. Google’s Intro to HTML 2. W3 Schools Intro to HTML Our goal is to make a simple web page and upload it to a web server to publish it to the web. ONE: Simple Tags TWO: Simple Layout: THREE: Publishing (understanding FTP) Articles to read: Intro to CSS at W3Schools Introducing New CSS […] Read more – ‘HTML & CSS’.