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Kinect Inspiration
Radiohead’s “House of Cards” video (done with LIDAR not Processing as I originally thought) Kinect Teleoperation of Humanoid Robot Augmented Reality Camille Scherrer: Le Monde des Montagnes ( Emily Gobeille & Theo Watson: Boards Magazine Cover ( Zachary Lieberman & Marco Tempest, Projection Tracking Julian Oliver: LevelHead The Artvertiser Siddarth Batra, Stanford: Markerless Augmented […] Read more – ‘Kinect Inspiration’.
Assignment 3: New Interactions
Critiques on December 16, 2011. This project is concerned with creating a system that responds to signals or information interactively, in real-time. It’s anticipated that your system will responds to signals from a human user/visitor/player/interactant. For example, you might make a tool, an instrument, a game, a toy, or some other kind of responsive experiential […] Read more – ‘Assignment 3: New Interactions’.
Arrays are used to store data, but unlike the other data storage types we have been using (such as variables) arrays have the ability to store more than just a single value. Arrays can store multiple values of the same datatype in much the same way that an ordinary list (such as a grocery list) […] Read more – ‘Arrays’.

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