Course Description

This course is designed to provide an introduction to creating software that is interactive, informative and appealing. Participants will be taught the fundamental principles of application design for specific environments and also given the opportunity to apply these principles in the design of your own software. The programming language, Processing will be the primary means of creating representations of the data that your software comprises of. Students will be shown how to acquire and represent external database sets in visually interesting and interactive programs, learn modern and classical programming principles and ultimately, with practice, create your own software programs without inhibition from technical knowledge.
Beyond learning how to create programs in Processing, this course also encourages course participants to apply this knowledge to create innovative interactive projects that transcend their mere programmatic implementations.

At the end of each major section participants will be presented with a short Questionnaire that will test their knowledge and understanding of the course thus far. Your participation in three questionnaires will be a necessary requirement for participating in this course.