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    Event handlers
    An event handler can be considered a trigger that executes code when something happens, in the ‘event’ of a click or move your mouse over a link, submit a form etc. onClick onClick handlers execute something only when users click on buttons, links, etc. Let’s see an example: The function specialsauce() is invoked when the […] Read more – ‘Event handlers’.
    Prose is structured in sentences and paragraphs in the english language. In Javascript we structure our code in lines of instruction and functions. To create javascript that is easy to understand and maintain the code must be broken into smaller modules. These modules or packages of instructions are called functions and can be called upon […] Read more – ‘Functions’.
    Variables and Conditions
    Let’s first look at an example: There are several concepts that we should know. First of all, var x= is a variable declaration. If you want to create a variable, you must declare the variable using the var statement. x will get the result, namely, true or false. Then we use a condition statement if […] Read more – ‘Variables and Conditions’.

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