WordPress 01: Basics
Over the past 6 years WordPress has steady grown in popularity into the most used Content Management System (CMS) on the web. There are a number of reasons why WordPress is so widely used and such a great choice for a CMS: 1. Ease of Use: WordPress is not only easy to use for administrators […] Read more – ‘WordPress 01: Basics’.
Practising CSS Animation & Transitions
Getting good at CSS3 animations and transitions takes practise. The only way to become proficient is by spending hours of working through different examples. Here are a number of good tutorials that generate some great effects. CSS3 Navigation effect Animated Buttons Animated Bubble Buttons 3D Image Gallery Read more – ‘Practising CSS Animation & Transitions’.
Introduction to Keyframe Animation
First read the introduction on Keyframe Animations. intro-to-keyframe-animation. Smashing Magazine has a great article on basic animation principles with CSS3 examples: Mozilla Dev Team Article on Animation Events in Javascript We’ll be going over it in our next class Read more – ‘Introduction to Keyframe Animation’.
Why We Should Start Using CSS3 and HTML5 Today
For a while now, we have taken notice of how many designers are reluctant to embrace the new technologies such as CSS3 or HTML5 because of the lack of full cross-browser support for these technologies. Many designers are complaining about the numerous ways how the lack of cross-browser compatibility is effectively holding us back and […] Read more – ‘Why We Should Start Using CSS3 and HTML5 Today’.
Introduction to CSS3
For our first foray into the new version of CSS we’ll read an article about the exciting new features of CSS3 and also follow some simple tutorial exercises that help us see some of the immediate benefits. Trent Walton’s article does a great job of describing the following improvements to CSS: CSS3 Transitions Background Clip […] Read more – ‘Introduction to CSS3’.