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Building on practices introduced in Web Essentials, this intermediate studio course continues to address the design, composition, and construction of interactivity in web-based environments. Here students will apply the use of HTML and CSS to more detailed editing of WordPress templates and explore interactivity through javascript and jquery. Additionally, students will begin to explore mobile based computing processes.

Course Content

This course is the second in a series of Web Practices courses designed to teach students how to clearly understand the multitude of considerations needed to strategize, design and create websites and web-based mobile products.
Through lectures, technical exercises, short in-class charrettes, project development cycles, and group critiques, students will build their technical and design skills. Students will practice a comprehensive web-based process through the dissemination of contemporary articles, texts and tutorials. Together with design principles, current issues of interaction and experience design are brought into focus as an important contribution to the dialogue between creative intention and audience. Students will be expected to contribute to class discussions regarding the readings, and be actively engaged in developing a research focus towards their investigation of the web design process.

Students will be shown the foundations of HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript, as well as various media optimization methods, to build unique and effective web presentations and applications.

This course has a strong emphasis on understanding the process of creating websites from an industry standard practice. Students are introduced to the various phases of a web project and are encourages to follow and practice these processes with the projects that will be assigned to them.