Course Schedule

Class 1:

Course Introduction:

Class 2:

Diving into CSS3
Development environment
Introduction to CSS3
Assignment 1: Title Sequence
Reading for next week:
Why start using HTML5 and CSS3
Introduction to Keyframe Animation

Class 3:

More about CSS Animations

Class 4:

Class Work Period for Assignment 1

Class 5:

Final Presentations for Asmt 1

Class 6:

Mobile Hiking App Challenge

Class 7:

Prototyping Mobile with Fireworks & TAP
Work period:

Class 8:

Work period

Class 9:

WordPress Basics
Installing WordPress Locally
Assignment 2: WordPress Portfolio theme

Class 10:

Custom WordPress Theming

Class 11:

Introducing PhoneGap
Assignment 3: Mobile App

Class 12:

HTML5 & CSS3 for Mobile

Class 13:

Class Work Period

Class 14:

Class Work Period

Class 15:

Final Presentations for Asmt 3.