The Fabbrica del Vapore is closed mondays, open from 10:30am to 8:30pm
our class will meet 10:30-12:30 for morning guided exercises and the afternoons will be working sessions from 2:30pm

Design review 1: afternoon on Tuesday June 21
Design review 2: all day on Tuesday June 28
Final presentation and celebration will be on Thursday June 30

Day Activities
Wednesday June 15 Day 00: Welcome, Introductions, Course goals, Liminality brainstorming & Introduction to Processing
Thursday, June 16 Day 01: Introductions & Provocations – Getting Raspberry Pi up and running (Project 00)
Friday, June 17 Day 02: Continued Getting RPi up & running
Saturday, June 18 Day 03: Networked Camera – Raspberry Pi with Camera
Weekend One, Sunday & Monday, June 19-20 roam, explore, respond to provocations
monday is at 10:34 pm celebrate the solstice
Tuesday, June 21 Day 04: finish networking raspberry Pi

Simple Web Client (processing)

Shared Drawing Canvas (processing)

Afternoon: present your 3 concepts post. Feedback with online posts, esp. concrete suggestions for precedents.

Wednesday, June 22 Day 05: Group 1. Generative patterns in processing
Group 2. 3-D processing sketches
Thursday, June 23 Day 06: network hacking/sniffing
Friday, June 24 Day 07: sonic pi and processing on the pi
Saturday, June 25 weekend research day
Weekend Two, sunday, monday June 26-27 roam, explore, respond to provocations
Tuesday, June 28 Day 08: all day crit of almost finished project; details and execution feedback
Wednesday, June 29 Day 09: workday and optional Sonic Pi 2 (live synth coding party)
Thursday, June 30 Day 10: Final Presentations & Festeggiare
Friday, July 1 Flight home