DAY 1: Monday July 1st

Imagine the Place
  • Introduction
  • Review of VR media (early approaches + current examples)
  • Discussion: What are these experiences trying to do?
  • ASSIGNMENT: Write the Place: creating the (meaningful) narrative
  • INPUTS: discussion/presentation of exemplar media design and related technology platforms, research site selections: local + remote
  • OUTPUTS: draft storyline of site selection relative meaning/importance, description of desired interactions within the storyline “frame”

DAY 2: Tuesday, July 2nd

Draw the Encounter:
  1. Storyboarding your experience
  2. Get into Groups
  3. Introducing A-Frame (

  • choreograph the sequence of events
  • INPUTS: written site narrative, material + technological choices
  • OUTPUTS: storyboards depicting an “experience loop” that will connect the local + remote sites

DAY 3: Wednesday, July 3rd

Figure the Ground:
  1. Location Planning
  2. Field Capture
  3. Inventory
  4. A-Frame Basics II
    – importing models, combine models with 360 image, positioning
  • site visits and documentation
  • INPUTS: local site documentation
    mapping/modeling of remote sites
  • OUTPUTS: co-locative model depicting associated geographies and key interactive touch-points and behaviours.

DAY 4: Thursday, July 4th

We, the People
  • Four UX tools:
    1. Act out your scene with your team
    2. Draw a Panoramic 360 diagram with Front and back views
    3. Draw the bird’s eye view of your scene
    4. List out all the actions that happened in your scene, prioritize.
  • INPUTS: assemble your scene with 360 image and models
  • OUTPUTS: Begin to understand the actions in your scene (both social actions and movement)

DAY 5: Fri July 5th

Studio Charette A: RACK FOCUS

Using Course Github

  • blending the encounter, creating depth-of-field
  • INPUTS: Imagination + Field work
  • OUTPUTS: develop tool + material experience design approaches; begin creating physical and digital “dioramas” using selected tools (eg. A-Frame, analog studio modeling tools and materials)

DAY 6: Monday July 8th

Studio Charette B: Prototype I

Review yesterday’s work and why we prototype

  • Building (either site installation or diorama scale depending on complexity)
  • INPUTS: material + tool strategy
  • OUTPUTS: draft physical + digital site models

DAY 7: Tuesday, July 9th

Studio Charette C: Prototype II
  • Rendering (digital intersection component(s) )
  • INPUTS: Physical + digital site models
  • OUTPUTS: draft interactive “instrumentation” of key experience touch-points

DAY 8: Wednesday, July 10th

Studio Charette D: Blending
  • Blending (digital / physical “node” link-up…connecting d-site + p-site)
  • INPUTS: photo, video, scanned, rendered, other site constructural elements
  • OUTPUTS: prototype ensembles

Thu July 11 – Testing

  • (working out the kinks all day)
  • INPUTS: All tools + materials to date
  • OUTPUTS: Final physical-virtual site constructs

Fri July 12 – Presentations

Share + Critique