This design workshop explores the way in which physical places may intersect, digitally. VR seems the obvious platform for an immersion of this sort, however designing for specific (yet broadly geographic) intersections (for example, the Armenian diaspora) would seem to require a closer analysis of our relationship (the “viewer”’s relationship, that is) to place and perspective.

This two week design seminar focuses on a theory of place in the 21st century met with an approach to designing meaningful immersive, digital experiences. Students will select local and (globally) remote sites that they want to connect in the context of the Armenian diaspora and create physical-virtual experiences to achieve this end. For example, a public park in Yerevan may have affinitive physical, emotional, cultural, digital or even aural touchpoints with a street corner in East Hollywood, CA.

Additional Readings

This workshop draws upon historical works and theory presented by various media and fine artists including Robert Smithson, Andy Goldsworth, James Turell and Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowitz:

“Public Communications Structures”

“Site / Non-site Dialectic”

“Sensing Spaces”

“Ephemerality and collaborations with Nature”

Interesting A-Frame projects

Networked A-Frame project

Gunters of Oasis (Portal Game)

James Paterson’s open-source Web VR tool built to create frame-by-frame animations in 3D.

Futuristic Interface


Environment Component