Here’s a list of high-quality learning sites then:

FunProgramming (from beginners up to advanced)
The Imaginary Institute (beginners)
Daniel Shiffman – Hello Processing! (total beginners)
Daniel Shiffman – Learning Processing (beginners)
Matthew Eppler – Intro to Data Viz for Processing (beginners)
Albert Schueller – Introduction to Processing (beginners)
Creating Geometric and Generative Art with Code (beginners)
Learn coding at the Khan Academy (beginners)
Daniel Shiffman – the Nature of Code (advanced)
Plethora (beginners, advanced)
You should take this free online course (if it’s available again) about Processing that, while not perfect, has a very interesting approach to teaching Processing, both visually and philosophically:

If you’re struggling with the (basic) math needed for creative coding then the Coding Math Youtube channel might be helpful to you (although the programming language used there is Javascript but the concepts are the same and Javascript isn’t that different from Processing).

If you prefer to learn from real books then I can recommend these:

Getting Started With Processing
Processing: Creative Coding and Generative Art in Processing 2
Learning Processing: A Beginner’s Guide to Programming Images, Animation, and Interaction
Generative Art: A Practical Guide

And my favourite of all Processing books, there is the amazing:
Generative Design/Generative Gestaltung

If you’re looking for a book about code as an art form (but without tutorials) then this book by the co-founder of Processing is to be recommended: Form+Code in Design, Art and Architecture

And if you speak French and are looking for tutorials of all levels then check out TutoProcessing.

Also: follow fyprocessing in order to stay up to date as to what’s happening in the Processing tumblosphere. You’ll also get inspired a lot by the art you see there!

If you’re looking for inspiration:

And follow my advice


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